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Holiday Recipe Roundup Post

December 24, 2009

I can never resist a chance to make a huge mess in my kitchen.  Especially if it involves dirtying as many pans as possible, using my stand mixer to ensure powdery particles make their way onto my ceiling, and melting chocolate.  I will attempt as many of the following recipes as time/patience allows.  Less of a round up, more of a list so I don’t forget.  I will remember to use my camera.  Recipes subject to modification due to dietary needs and ingredients available.  Ha.

Right now I’m watching Glee and reading through some blogs while hanging out with my bff.

she thinks she's a pillow

I am firmly solidifying my image as a cat lady


I agree, it’s really sad my cat is my bff.  And I also agree it’s even more sad that I think posting an iPhoto pic of my cat and I qualifies as a legitimate blog post.

Tomorrow’s agenda: Bake while watching a lineup of fantastic cheerful movies, agonize over what to wear to go ice skating outdoors in the middle of winter, go enjoy New York City at its best.  I promise I’ll bring my camera.

Love, La

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