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Reasons I deserve to be made fun of today

December 24, 2009

Man, I love my pilates studio.  For sake of privacy, I won’t link to it but I would love to because it’s a wonderful little haven above the busy streets of Queens, and I look forward to getting there as many days a week as I can.  Of course, this business week is cut short (it took me til Monday after class to figure out that businesses were closed for CHRISTMAS), so I won’t get to go as many days as I’d like, but I’ve had quite an intense week none-the-less.  Last night, I was the only person to show up for my regular group class with my favorite instructor, so I got a private lesson (and she showed me how to use the reformer, the cadillac, and the chair!).  Tonight’s instructor, Masako, is a drill sergeant!  She’s tiny and flexible and I bet I could fit her into a briefcase, but I really like her unrelenting pace.  I’m feeling it really nicely in my transverse abdominus right now.

I’m such a fool.  I deserve to be made fun of because:

  • I somehow thought it was acceptable to wear an entire Victoria’s Secret Pink sweatsuit in public today.
  • I still think my denim jacket qualifies as adequate winter coverage the day before Christmas Eve.
  • I ordered a venti gingerbread latte AFTER my pilates class, at eight thirty pm (I remembered NOT to get my usual extra shot of espresso…)
  • I got a free sampler pack of Larabars today in the mail and proclaimed to myself, “Wow, I feel like a real blogger!” before remembering I’ve never even so much as posted one blog post before.
  • I may or may not have eaten more than one of said Larabars and called it breakfast (PB&J is delicious…must try to replicate)
  • I think I can start a food blog without actually knowing how to cook.
  • I lit a fire in my fireplace only to realize that all my firewood is under a small pile of snow outside and I’m just not going there.  If my fireman boyfriend lovahhh male counterpart It’s Complicated male acquaintance with whom I may or may not be romantically involved (it’s complicated and I’ll think of a more concise nickname eventually) were here, he would berate me for lack of structural integrity in building my fire.  What can I say?  I have no integrity (womp womp womppp).  .

Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve Day and I’ll probably be home doing absolutely nothing, I’m gonna try to make tomorrow the big HOLIDAY COOKIE DAY.  We’ll see.  Martha just has so many recipes…

Uhh…next time I’ll remember to take and post pictures.  And eventually I’ll get around to making this look like a real blog.  Maybe.

Hope you’re keeping warm!

Xoxo, La

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