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Amateur Night Rundown

January 2, 2010

My Yogi tea reads, “May your inner self be secure and happy.”  That is indeed my goal for this New Year.

So here’s my attempt at a quick recap of NYE.  This might take a while, so get comfortable.  I am.

First off, meet my girlfriend Stephen:
He and I have been attached at the hip ever since we worked at Cold Stone Creamery back in high school.  Some days he is my wife, my personal assistant, taste-tester, or my fashion consultant.  Since Mr. Boy decided to go to Mexico for the New Year, Stephen and I decided to take this one and make it our bitch.
Basically, there are pro’s and con’s to your boyfriend being out of the country for New Years Eve.  The pro’s include not having to shave your legs or wear nice underwear, being able to wear bright red lipstick if you so choose (I chose not to), and being able to have a smashing time out with just your friends.  The cons are not having someone to kiss at midnight while you watch everyone else do it, no one to hold your purse while you pee, and no one to pay for your drinks and taxi home.  Kidding, kidding (kinda).  The cons have it, but I can never have a bad night playing with my friends.  It’s just …  sometimes, funny things end up happening.

Like, somehow, I end up ringing in the New Year at a frat house. The AEPi house at Columbia to be exact.  Ohhh yeah.  Classy.  And entirely definitively appropriate, in context of my past half-decade of Greek life and romantic activity.

Columbia of many a drunken debacle

Instead of cleaning my closet during the day like I’d planned, I decided to take a nice, long nap.  When I woke up I did about 45 minutes of, then Stephen came over to get ready.  We snacked like this:

cucumber, cookie dough fudge babies, apple, sesame tarragon crackers, tehina

and this:

Then we picked out our outfits while vamping to Gaga.  What did I wear? Black, black, all black. Layers of black.  Quintessential New York.  Inspired by my two top fashion icons, Lady Gaga and Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin on Weeds.  I’d say I’m joking, but…I’m not.

awkward pic of my face

Black lace inset top, black body con dress underneath as a skirt, black lace tights, black thigh high boots.  I was so happy to find my lace tights!  They disappeared sometime last year and I missed them.

While we were getting ready, Mixologist Stephen made us some cheesecake shots – Absolut Vanilla and cranberry juice.  Yeah, these were awesome.  I just wish I would have though to do my liquid eyeliner before I did the shot.

Cheesecake shot in a Berlin shotglass

The boots were a necessity, as far as I’m concerned.  When we got into the city, I saw all there girls everywhere in sparkly high heels.  While I love my vast collection of heels dearly, yesterday’s weather was disgrossting.  By the time we left to go to the party, it was sleeting, which mixed with the earlier snow to create a lovely slick mush along the sidewalk.  It took forever to walk anywhere.  Luck was with us as far as catching all our busses and trains, and we made it to Grand Central in under an hour, which is freaking awesome since the MTA was running a holiday schedule, but I stopped counting how many times I almost slipped and busted my ass on the sidewalk slush after thirty seven.

fabulous old friends

At Grand Central, we met up with my two childhood best friends, sisters I’ve known practically since I was born.  I can’t imagine three people I’d rather spend my New Year with than my three best friends! Would have been nice if Mr Boy could have been there though… We grabbed a cheese croissant and a pecan brownie from Zaro’s, since we were about to go drankin’ and it was the only place open.  They were both awesome, but between the four of us we scarfed them before I thought to take a picture.  Sorry, I’ll work on that.

Then we made the treacherous subway journey here:

Stephen and I commented that there was no way in hell we’d ever join the teeming masses likely crowded just above our heads.  We wanted as far away from there as possible.  Seriously, what could possibly be appealing of having to stand like cattle in a herd of tourists out in the cold all day just to see the ball drop at midnight?  I’d so much rather be somewhere warm with people I actually like, with access to food, alcohol, and a toilet.  We had to go there to catch another train, and it was MADNESS!  There were police officers everywhere, blocking off all the exits.  It felt a little tyrannical.  Ohhh New York on New Years.

I'm quite the accomplished sorority girl, don't try this at home

Made it to the party sometime after eleven, imbibed enough before midnight to make it memorably forgotten.  So many of my old friends from pre-school, junior high school AND high school were there – it was crazy!  A few different boys tried to make me the target of their New Year affection, which was amusing and annoying, but I managed to survive unscathed and unkissed (except for a BBM kiss from Mr Boy).

my face looks weird...ignore

The party was funny… A bunch of my friends, but also a whole lot of younger college kids (Columbia and Barnard students) who I don’t know, who were all VERY drunk and therefore VERY annoying.  Several times, I experienced the twinge of, “I’m too old for this.” Too old for frat parties?  Yeah, I kind of am.  Been there, done that, many many times.  Nonetheless, we mingled, drank, and played with old and new friends before calling it a night around two am.  Early by even my standards, but Stephen and I have nightmare stories about being too late to catch our bus and having to walk five miles to get home at four in the morning, and on a night like NYE, we couldn’t have that.

So back on the train

back to Grand Central, bid adieu to the sisters, back on the subway.  We had a photoshoot and a nice talk about memories while we waited for the E train:

surprisingly my makeup lasted the entire night!

We grabbed a taxi at the end of our train instead of waiting a half hour for the bus, and got back to my house, where we found this:

We relaxed with the finale episode of Glee (complete with belting along to “And I Am Telling You” and “Don’t Rain On My Parade”) with a bowl of Kashi and Cheerios:

Best first meal of the decade.

On Friday morning I just managed to drag my ass outta bed in time to run a few errands before Shabbat.  After I lit candles, I curled up with tea and a book, and stayed there.  I’m re-reading my Harry Potter collection.  Yes, this is what an English major does on her free time.  Reads Harry Potter.  I also did some Pilates planks and teaser rollups and a few yoga stretches but nothing serious… super lazy day.

Today … well … I honestly did not wake up until a half hour before Shabbat ended.  How?  I don’t know.  Skillz.  Shabbat eats include carrots, cucumbers, cereal, apples, grapefruit, tea, crackers, and maybe too many Fig Newmans (all unpictured because I don’t use the camera on Shabbat).

Right now I’m drinking some green tea and thinking about the rest of the evening.  I’ve got mountains of laundry screaming at me from the basement as well as a sink full of dirty dishes.  I think I’m gonna roast some brussels and get to work on cleaning my house, then maybe hop on the treadmill.

Some New Year’s goals (not resolutions, just goals):

  • clean up after my messes
  • learn to run
  • do 50 pushups (I can’t do ten)
  • remember to be patient
  • never to go to another frat house

Patience is a big one for me.  I’m always about going, going, going, and instant gratification.  Everything is very hectic.  I would rather revel in the calm created by waiting.  How was your New Year’s Eve?  Do you make resolutions?  If so, did you make one you think is going to pose a particular challenge to you this year?

Shana tova – Happy New Year.

Love, La

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  1. January 2, 2010 7:34 pm

    Definitely cracking up at the thought of trying to apply liquid eyeliner with a shot in me. I can’t even do it stone cold sober!

    • January 2, 2010 7:45 pm

      honestly, I think the shot helped steady my hand because usually I can’t do it either. i’ll have to repeat the experiment…for the sake of fashion of course

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