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Quick nightcap

January 2, 2010

Something weird is happening to some of my posts…the edits I make aren’t keeping?  I don’t know.  I’ll figure it out.  Speaking of, what desktop blogging software do you use?  I’m trying to learn…

First Kitchen Disaster of 2009 2010:

Well. it had to happen eventually.  Better to get it overwith sooner, I say.  That was microwaved apple with fresh apple and Bear Naked triple berry granola.  Since the bowl broke completely clean, I salvaged most of it.

Cleaned that up then ate some toast as well.

cinn raisin ezekiel cut into triangles

BBM talked to Mr Boy in Mexico while reading blogs:

Yes, that actually is my endearing nickname for him.  It makes us laugh.  Well, it makes me laugh anyway.  We don’t really care what he thinks about it.

Then I snacked on some Fig Newmans and fudge babies.

I was gonna get on the treadmill but my brother came home from his roadtrip to Miami, and we ended up hanging out for a while talking.  When I went downstairs, it was just too cold for me to stay in the room so I came back up and did some yoga in my room.  I signed up for a 10 am pilates class.  I just hope I fall asleep with enough time to wake up and get there, since I woke up at 430 today. Now I just finished a bowl of steel-cut oats I forgot to take a picture of.  My house smells like cooking meat (blech) from my brother’s dinner so I’m gonna light some incense and I’m gonna try to get to sleep early enough!

Sweet dreams!

Love, La

PS- I noticed this when I was polishing off the bar of Maya Gold.  It IS heaven:

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