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Early bird

January 3, 2010

Good morning!  Happy Sunday, National Weekly Sleep-In Day!  I’m flouting tradition.  I barely slept last night but when I woke up, I was UP so I just got out of bed and started doing chores.  Since I want to go to Pilates at 10am and I had to wake up with enough time to shower and blowdry my hair before Pilates, mainly because it’s pretty obvious I haven’t showered yet this new year:

Yep, my hand still bears the stain of shame tracing my whereabouts New Years Eve to a frat house.  I’m outdoing myself in class and sophistication.

The weather ticker on my iGoogle says it’s eighteen degrees right now – greeeeeeat.  During the normal months I am allergic to the blow dryer but eighteen degrees is just crazy talk and I have to resort to desperate measures in a pinch.

I separated my laundry and got some in the wash.  Here’s a snapshot … I don’t remember the last time I did laundry, to be honest:

While my cat looks on in horror, I attempt to justify owning so much crap.  Black clothing gets its own pile.  I’m sure you wanted to see my piles of dirty clothes.

I’ve got a big day planned.  A big day of cleaning, organizing, cooking.  Let’s hope I don’t crash and pass out!

Shower time.  Have a great Sunday.

Love, La

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