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Have A Heart

January 3, 2010

Apparently, the most effective method of keeping me from getting a latte from Starbucks is for me to leave my debit card and money at home. I’m taking note of that for future reference but let me just say I could have done with learning that lesson another day!  All I wanted was my Starbucks, even for something warm to hold in my hands!  Oh well.  I lived barely

Since it was a freezing cold day and I, Queen of the Haven’t-Showered-Yet-This-Year Club, had insisted upon showering before going to work out, my wet hair needed some burning tending to.  I blew it out straight (that’s what…no too easy), which makes me look something like this:

I promise my face doesn't usually look like that though

I have mixed feelings about straightening my hair.  When I was in high school, I went through this phase where my hair had to be absolutely pin straight at all times or I couldn’t deal with life, then two years ago I went through this phase where I refused to touch my hair with anything except shampoo and conditioner, and occasionally a comb to detangle.  And ohhh I had long soft healthy hair that I chopped off and donated to Locks of Love the day before my mom’s wedding but that’s another story.  My hair is a MAJOR THING in my life to a degree I certainly can’t explain here.   I had it listed as my only FaceBook interest for a while (it has since been joined by shoes, black coffee, TS Eliot, and Lady Gaga).  Lately I straighten my hair as an excuse to be lazy about showering when I know Mr Boy is going to be MIA.

I got dressed in record time and looked something like this underneath my coat and gloves:

working on the full body shot...SnackFace, how do you do it?!!

As I waited for my first bus, I thought to myself, “Yeah, it’s cold, but it’s not so  bad.”  I thought I spied the lightest of flurries drifting down from the sky.  My bus came in under two minutes of standing and waiting in the cold, and I was actually on time for Pilates. But on the walk from the subway to the studio, the wind started, so harsh and cold that I literally could not breathe and had to cover my mouth to catch a breath.  Crazy New York cold!  This is why I usually hibernate.

On my way home I saw my friend’s dad leaving the gym in SHORTS! I usually get heated up nice and toasty during Pilates, and I even like being a little cold, but today was too much for my blood. I was about to take a picture when he totally caught me staring…at least I managed to stop gaping by the time he noticed.

Pilates was awesome – I love seeing and feeling the change in my body.  I also love that my instructors have noticed the change.  The very first critique that Spencer, the head of the studio, made of my form was that I need to build up the strength in my shoulders.  Well, for as long as I can remember, I have retained the upper body strength of a marshmallow.  When i got home from that class I got on Google and started looking up Pilates excercises to help strengthen the shoulders.  I started to do a very short, simple exercise and found myself doing it several times a day, whenever I had a free minute. I’m nowhere near my ideal, but I’m definitely getting there because I’m actually trying for a change.

I’ve been looking for things to add into my routine to help improve the “wellness” aspect of my life.  I considered doing Whittle My Middle II with Angela at Oh She Glows but I’m already doing Pilates 4 days a week and it seemed a little excessive.  However, in addition to my regular Pilates, I have started doing 90-second full planks and 60-second side planks before hitting the sack (and it’s been paying off, the 15-second planks we held in Pilates this morning felt like nothing!), but TBH I already spend a lot of (all of) my time focusing directly on my core and I need to do other things.  Like cardio.  Cardio, cardio, cardio.  Focus on the heart.  I might still do the WMM routine on days I don’t go to Pilates.  I probably will do it a few times, but I gotta give these abs a break sometime, right?

I would like to note that me actually getting up to go to Pilates on a Sunday morning is a massive improvement already.  Up til now, the only reason I would dare give up my precious sleeping-in time is for a paycheck.  Last night I decided to sign up for this class and see if I could make it.  I did, and I really enjoyed the class.  I may have just upped my Pilates-going days to 5 per week.

I was folding laundry before I started writing this port, but then someone came to tell me it was time for a blog break.

I’m really fascinated by the blog world.  Although this blog of mine is just a baby, I’ve dabbled in the past trying to find a blogging purpose that suited me.  Well, I guess what suits me is to just write whatever the hell I feel like.  I’m having fun, even if no one else reads my junk.  It’s been years since I actually took the time to just write about myself, even though I’ve spent the past five years of my life writing until my fingers bled (true story once).  What fascinates me about the blogosphere is how it all fits into our postmodern sense of human interconnectedness…I’ll stop there.  I’m on winter break.  We’ll come back to that one another time.

By the way, I’m really digging this gray nail polish.  I love how it goes with my gray sweater, which is something I loved about black polish and black clothes.  This may be a keeper.  Gray is almost the new black (haha I hate that phrase, black will always be IT).

So here’s my Big Question: What are your favorite cardio exercises? I am a raw beginner – these past four months of Pilates are literally the most (and most consistent) voluntary physical activity I have ever done in my life.  I cannot run – sprinting I can do but long distance runs and jogs I’m useless at because I have no stamina.  I would loooooooveeee to run a marathon or a race one day (preferably within the next twelve months) but I have no idea where I should start!  I absolutely adore Pilates and I’m going to continue to train and progress, but I’m really interested in exploring more high-impact forms of exercise. I feel almost silly asking – I feel like everyone and their dad (well, my Dad for sure) partakes in some form of exercise aimed at cardiovascular improvement.  While I know I’ve got one-up on all the suburb-dwellers as far as cardio activity built in to my daily routine (running for busses and trains and climbing up and down the hills of my campus all day really gets the heart rate up!), I’m not so deluded to think that walking everywhere serves as an adequate substitute for time spent working to build my heart.  Soooo…. Help?

Back to folding laundry.  Be back later with some food stuff probs.

x’s & o’s, La

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