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For the love of it

January 4, 2010

Edit: For some reason when I posted this originally, half the pictures disappeared.  Here they are.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  How was your Monday??  Mine was .. um .. productive.  I fell asleep last night at a normal time last night, I slept a normal amount of hours, and I woke up well before noon feeling well rested.  Ha.  Finally.

I recently renovated my closet, extending it, adding shelves, and new mirrored doors.  Because of this, all of my clothes have been boxed away in my basement.  Oh, by “recently,” I mean, this summer when I was in Thailand.  So my clothes have been down there all semester because I’ve been crazy busy and I wanted to have real time to devote to it.

So today was the big day.  Really thrilling…

Seriously, though, I don’t know where I got all this crap from.  My aunt is going to be happy, I have bags of hand-me-downs.  This is what my room looked like after four hours of folding and stuff:

That massive pile is of things waiting to be hung in my closet.  My closet is a little full right now, though.  I have to correct that.

I folded and I folded, then I snacked on some of this:

Strawberry So Delicious Coconut yogurt with Kashi GoLean Crunch! on top.  Cereal+yogurt=:)

Then I folded some more.  I’m watching the fifth season of Lost and I’m super-pumped for the new season…ahhhhh it’s so close.

Someone wanted in on the folding action:

But when she thought it would be appropriate to nap in a huge pile of my freshly laundered panties, I had to disappoint her.

Yeah, that’s a picture of my underwear.  Wow.  What am I thinking?

The folding tired us out, so we decided to take a break to clean up around the house and bake something incredibly unhealthy.

Oh. My. Goodness.  This post is a serious Cat Lady Post.  Send help.

Moving on…

I really love to bake.  I love to bake with eggs and dairy and refined white sugar and flour.  I also love to bake healthy, wholesome goodies, but today I was in the mood to make something nastily indulgent, so I turned to the Queen of my universe, Martha, and found this recipe for brownies that looked like it would do the trick. There is something comforting and relaxing about baking from scratch, and I was really in the mood.  The truth is, I don’t even want to eat these but I know they will get eaten in my house.

The ingredients:

See that tiny bag of sugar chillin’ in the back there?

The day I decided I was cutting back on sugar in my diet, my mom stopped by for a visit, totin’ this ten pound sack of sugar she had picked up at BJ’s for $7.  Now I gotta use it if not eat it.  I have secret plans to bake cookies for all my neighbors so they stop hating me for throwing parties that occasionally get too loud.

Anyway, back to the brownies.  First I lined my 9×9 glass baking dish with tin foil and lighty greased the foil.

Then I melted the chocolate and the butter on the double boiler:

Melting chocolate makes me happy. It is one of the best smells in the entire world.  While the chocolate heated, I whisked together the dry ingredients.

When that melted, I took it off the heat and added the sugar and eggs to the chocolate.  According to Kosher dietary requirements, eggs must be checked for blood spots before used, so I always break my eggs and add them individually.

After stirring in the eggs, I added the flour mixture to my chocolate mixture, stirring until combined:

Then I poured it into my lined dish:

Then off to the oven for 50 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then I ate this grapefruit:

I freaking love these grapefruit spoons.  They’re serrated so you don’t need to cut the grapefruit segments.  They are a must in my family….we love grapefruit!  I also use them to eat persimmons and kiwis.

I have a storage problem in my kitchen… All the cabinets and cupboards are full so some of the baking sheets and pans get stored in the oven, which results in this situation:

Oh yeah, did I mention limited counter space, too?

The brownies came out of the oven looking like this:

I’ll have to wait for my mom to come over tomorrow for her to try them.

Those potholders were given to me by my brother’s girlfriend, who makes them.  Super cute and nostalgic!  If you want to get some of your own, or help out a broke college kid, check out her Etsy page!

I just realized that, to take a break from cleaning and organizing my room, I cleaned my house, baked something and made a mess, then cleaned up after that.  Uhhhh… Yeah.  Totally normal, right?

This is the look I rocked today … sweater and tank top and leggings…how original:

Yah, I am aware my room looks like a biohazard waste dump.  Working on it.  Those socks are boss, I have em in three colors.  I’m never taking of this hat.  Also, on tomorrow’s agenda: figuring out how to take a picture where I don’t look like a zombie.

Pilates was rockin’.  At the end of class, we did some extra plank work, which was sa-weet  because of the plank work I’ve been doing at home.  We did full planks with Magic Circles gripped between our shoulders, which I think really helped me concentrate on the form.  Then we did side planks/stars, and for the first time he had me do it on my palm instead of my elbows.  Super intense but ballerrr.  I’m feeling the burn in all the right places right now.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

Love, La

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  1. January 6, 2010 1:55 pm

    It’s ok to be the cat lady. HA! :|o|: Some of my friends call me that. I just tell them they are jealous that I love my cats more than them. Rockin brownies! I cannot be trusted with chocolate brownies or cake!

    • January 6, 2010 5:19 pm

      Haha, I call myself a cat lady … I live alone and have three cats. I qualify.

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