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February 16, 2010

Sooooo, I’ve had this blog up and running for a few months now and I figured it might be time to do a little bit of a real ‘about me’ page so you know who the heck I am rather than wondering about my cryptic posts and background!

Let’s start simple:

  • Hiiii, I’m La, I’m twenty-two, and I live and thrive in New York City.
  • I go to school in the city and am completing two Bachelor’s degrees, one in English and one in Jewish Studies with a concentration on modern Middle Eastern affairs and conflict resolution.  Yes, that’s a mouthful.  Yes, it’s my passion.  Both things.  Now I am faced with the end of my undergraduate education and it has come time to make the choice I have avoided making for quite some time: Which track will I pursue? I keep hoping the perfect opportunity will present itself that somehow miraculously enables me to merge my love of literature with my passion for the Middle East.
  • Speaking of the Middle East, that is where my roots (half, at least) are from.  My father’s family hails from Northern Iraq, historic Kurdistan.  My parents met and married in Israel, and moved to America, where they had my brother and myself.
  • Oh, yeah, my brother.  Well, I am part of what I tend to think of as your “typical postmodern family.”  I am the oldest of eight.  Oh, but not eight full siblings.  I have one full brother, one half brother, and five step-brothers and sisters (3 boys, 2 girls).  It’s a little crazy and confusing at times but I’m happy both of my parents have found new love.  It’s pretty fun being part of a huge family, too.
  • In school, I have been active in both my sorority and Greek life as a whole – I was president of my sorority and then president of Inter-Greek Council – but now I’m in my fifth year of college and I decided to take a break from such intense active participation in extracurriculars to focus on my last year of school and really figure out what’s next for me.  Also, cute story, my current boyfriend and I met while he was president of his fraternity and I was president of my sorority.  Yes, I actually was “that” girl – I can’t explain how creepy the similarities are between my life and Casey Cartwright’s on Greek (if you haven’t watched this show, don’t – it’s like crack).
  • I love to TRAVEL! Within the past three years I have been fortunate to visit Thailand, Nicaragua, Israel, and Jordan in addition to several states across the US.  I hope to extend that list further in the near future.  It is my dream to travel and volunteer or teach (or both), and I basically want to go everywhere there is to go and see everything there is to see.  Wanderlust, curiosity, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding?  Who knows.
  • From the Disney Revue in 11th grade – hahahaha if my friend knew I was posting this picture, I would be in troubleeee!
  • I attended a performing arts high school called Frank Sinatra School of the Arts.  If it sounds crazy..well..yeah it was.  And loads of freakin’ fun!  I was the very first freshman class, the year the school opened (2001), and I had incredible experiences there – I sang a solo at New York City Opera, I performed with the Collegiate Chorale in Carnegie Hall on several occasions, and I opened for the Dave Matthews Band in Central Park with my choir, just to name a few.  I majored in vocal, studying both opera and musical theater as a soprano, and initially went on to study music in college but decided my interests and passions were better fulfilled with my current course of study.  But I will always love music, and I always hope that one day I will find time to return to studying singing.

note the look of terror on the face and the glass of wine clenched in fist

  • I have a potentially abnormal obsession with my hair.  It’s always been a “thing” with me but I think it became very prominent over my college years.  There were like two years where I refused to cut it, touch it with heat, or put any product in it other than shampoo and conditioner.  Oh man and it was gorgeous and long.  And then, one day, I just decided to chop it off and donate it to Locks of Love (photographed above…mind you, this was the day before my mom’s wedding).  Now a year and a half-ish later, it has mostly grown back … I really really miss my long hair from back then.
  • I have been a vegetarian for ten years now.  What this means is always fluctuating and evolving as I grow older and learn more about my body, about health and nutrients, about toxins, about the environment.  Currently this means I eat a whole-foods diet, high in fruits, veggies, and grains, with the occasional dairy (and way too much sugar&caffeine).  I regard my vegetarianism as an ever-winding path, there are times when I am much more drawn to veganism and raw diets, and other times where incorporating dairy, eggs, and the extremely occasional fish is fine for me.  It probably drives everyone else around me nuts, but I eat what feels right for me and I don’t feel like answering to anyone else.  My body!
  • Speaking of my body, I AM OBSESSED WITH PILATES.  I have been studying the Pilates method for five months, attending class nearly daily for the past three months, and I have experienced near-miraculous changes in my body.  Six months ago, I could barely do one push up.  Now I have developed incredible strength in my shoulders and upper body, and my posture (once perfect from singing, tarnished from years of hunching over desks writing papers in college) is correcting itself beautifully, and I feel much more in tune with my body than I ever have.  I am very seriously considering pursuing training as a Pilates instructor, possibly in the very near future.  Stay tuned.

Ummmmmm… that’s about it for now?  I’ll update this in the future I guess!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. February 16, 2010 12:29 pm

    I absolutely agree with your whole stance on vegetarianism…I prefer to eat as vegan as possible, but if I want some fish or a cookie with butter in it, why the heck not? Also, your hair obsession is too funny. I’m kind of strangely obsessed with mine, too…my friends all think I’m crazy, but what scares me most about cancer is losing my hair. So weird/superficial, I know!

    • February 16, 2010 12:31 pm

      literally have no words! I know how crazy that sounds, and especially superficial (and probably totally naive) when I say it but I’m afraid of getting cancer because I’m afraid of losing my hair, too!

  2. katyainsf permalink
    February 16, 2010 4:13 pm

    Hey! Yay – I’m happy I found this blog! Can’t wait to follow! 🙂 Check mine out if you have time as well and lets be friends! 🙂


    • February 16, 2010 6:45 pm

      thanks for stopping by and commenting! i just checked your blog out, you’re so adorable!

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